Well Production Testing

Before purchasing a property, it is important to know as much as possible about the condition of a well, how much water it naturally produces, the overall condition of existing equipment, and the quality of the water it produces. GPM Well Testing 707-823-4102

Our well production test includes:

  • An evaluation of the condition of existing equipment
  • Measuring the static water level
  • Measuring the draw down
  • Measuring the well depth
  • Measuring the pump depth
  • Pumping the well to determine gallons per minute capability
  • Delivery of water samples to a certified laboratory for evaluation
  • Comprehensive, detailed report available within 24 hours!

County Certifications – Sonoma County

Certification of Water Yield in Water Scarce Areas

Well Pump Tests performed for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with minimum water quantity requirements of the Sonoma County Code for residential construction in water scarce areas or second dwelling units in marginal water availability areas of Sonoma County.

Testing to meet yield requirements shall be conducted during dry season (July 15 to October 1).

Certification of Water Yield—Marin County

Yield Tests performed to establish Minimum Domestic Water System Requirements Pursuant to Marin County Code.

Yield Testing shall be performed during dry season (July 15 to October 1)

Water Quality Tests – Title 22 State Standards


Spring Tests—Sonoma & Marin Counties

Certification of Water Yield for Springs in water scarce areas pursuant to code.
Tests shall be conducted from July 15 to October 1


Water Quality Sampling

Knowing the quality of your water is important to your family’s health and that of your landscaping and crops. For this reason, we strongly recommend that our clients have their water tested at the well and after it passes through the system’s filters. GPM Well Testing will collect and deliver your water samples to a state certified laboratory.

For information on water sample and well water test packages, call (707) 823-4102.
Rush orders available!


Well Chlorination—Shocking

This is a method used to disinfect a well that has bacterial contamination. We take special care to chlorinate the well water and to circulate the disinfectant through the well casing and pipes. After 12-24 hours we return to pump the system clean. Water CANNOT be used at any time during the shocking process. Sonoma County Department of Health services recommends a follow up bacteria test in 7-10 days.


Special Equipment

Our equipment includes a generator for jobs in which other power sources are unavailable. We also have the capability of installing a temporary submersible pump in a shallow well (up to 130' deep) for testing purposes. If a deeper setting is needed, we can arrange for the appropriate equipment.

For information on water sample well sets and well water test packages, call (707) 823-4102

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